Okay, is it just me, or does it seem like we were just saying Happy New Year’s? How quickly this year has passed. It was such a year of cautious anticipation as many of us inched toward a sense of normalcy that no longer has a singular definition. But here we are twelve months later with 365 days of opportunity to make an impact on the communities around us. In the short time that I have published this magazine, I have had the fortune of meeting, speaking, emailing, and texting with many of you that are driven by your passions to make our world a better and brighter place. I can truly say that it has been an unexpected gift that I am tremendously grateful to receive.

As you look forward to a new year and all the possibilities of what can be accomplished, take a moment over the holiday to reflect, reset and refresh. Reflect on your wins and even upon the challenges. What have you learned? What did you do well? What will you do differently? Then press “stop” and reset. Look ahead with optimism and a renewed sense of purpose to fulfill your assignment. Lastly, refresh. Before you assign yourself or others the next initiative take a moment to nurture yourself. You can only pour into others if your vessel is full.

I plan to take my own advice. Therefore, from my family to yours, I want to wish you a happy holiday season.