Last month, my dear friend celebrated 60 years around the sun. During his Annual White Linen Fundraising event he hosts for the Stewart Foundation, where he and co-founder Gwen Mason celebrate leaders in the community, Hank Stewart was also celebrated for his life of service. This month I decided to share his story with my audience as an inspiration to everyone looking to make their mark in this world.

Not long ago, Hank invited me and a couple of our best childhood friends over to his home for an amazing dinner. In true Hank fashion, the atmosphere was serene, with picturesque views of his garden, the soothing sounds of water features, and music that touched our souls. As we gathered around the table, our conversation spanned a wide array of topics, including our retirement plans. Each of us shared our aspirations, but when it was Hank’s turn, he declared his intention never to retire. His life’s work was his purpose, and he planned to continue walking in that purpose until the very end. His words struck a profound chord within me, prompting personal reflection and conviction.

Proverbs 18:16 reads, “A man’s gift makes room for him.” Leaving a corporate job, Hank stepped out on faith and began writing and reciting poetry. In this month’s cover feature, I share how Hank’s life exemplifies Poetry in Motion. This concept extends beyond his gift for poetic expression; it has created an expansive “room” for him to become a powerful advocate for youth, social awareness, and so much more. His story will undoubtedly encourage you to explore the untapped potential of your own talents and passions in service to your communities.

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