I was talking with my daughter about her plans and resolutions for the New Year. She’s a college student and I wondered what types of goals she aspired to reach in 2024. In true Addy style, she told me her new started a few months ago for her birthday. She explained that the day she was born is what she considers her New Year.

Addy is my genius child. I adore the pure and genuine viewpoint perspective she brings to life. This point of view validated the idea that you don’t have to wait till the clock strikes midnight to assess your life and decide what you want to change, better, or simply do. Instead, you have the opportunity to reflect, reach, and begin again every day. Imagine that! Genius right? How much more could you accomplish if you opted to start any day versus waiting on the newness of each year?

As you go throughout this year, give yourself permission to stop, reflect, and act (or pause if you prefer) whenever the time is right for you. The gift of time means that each minute, hour, day, month, or year that you experience is a new moment full of new possibilities.

Enjoy Your New!