Hello, 4th quarter, and welcome friends new and old. ( If you’re new here, CLICK HERE, for your official editor’s welcome) We received phenomenal support for our inaugural issues. I was personally contacted by many of you that wanted to share the amazing work your nonprofit is doing. It was so wonderful that I am still following up with many of you so please know you will hear from me soon. I can’t wait to share your story on the pages of our magazine.

It’s amazing to believe that summer has now come to an end. However, as the trees begin to shed their leaves, there is a sort of sense of renewal in the air, bringing with it the promise of a fresh start for a new season. Fourth-quarter is a vital time for nonprofits. Much of what we accomplish and prepare during this quarter determines how our subsequent year will kick off. Does this get you excited? Think of it as a sense of renewal like the entrance of fall.

In October’s issue, we lead off with 4 Tips to Maximize Your Fourth Quarter. Implement these strategies to finish the year strong and posture yourself for success in 2022. We’ve also added more grant information and we are introducing you to funders across the country. If you’d like information about funders in your area, drop us a note and let us know where you are located. As always, the are stories of impact from around the country. Our purpose is to share stories of organizations whose program models are changing communities and inspiring action.

Leaders in Nonprofit will be hitting the road soon and featuring organizations the are WIA…Working In Action. Follow us on social media so that you know when have made it to your part of the country.

Happy 4th Quarter!