Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters

At last, a voice for introversion as a fundraising superpower! Our field NEEDS this perspective, and I hope Brian’s book gets shared far and wide. It’s an empowering read for those of us who are introverts in fundraising — but equally important for our extroverted colleagues. In particular, yay for the dot connections re: asking styles and how intro/extroverts can partner. We need to understand and respect each other to grow generosity.

Verified Amazon Book Review

Finally! Celebrate the untapped power introverted fundraisers offer to nonprofit communities worldwide, with an experienced guide who sees you and hears you because he is an introvert, too! It’s time to break free from the biggest stereotype holding back the nonprofit world-that only extroverts can be successful fundraisers. With clarity and empathy, Brian Saber’s inspiring book paves the way for creating a new era of inclusivity and success for introverts in the nonprofit sector. Introverted fundraisers will find validation and inspiration. Nonprofit leaders will learn how to leverage the strengths of introverted professional and volunteer team members. Passionate advocates will overcome common fears and self-doubts that prevent them from supporting the causes they love.


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