And just like that, we’ve wrapped up the first month of a new year. As we move into February, we work deliberately and strategically to make sure we accomplish the goals we’ve set for our organizations. Regardless of the constituents we work to serve, there is a major similarity that is woven in our plans and that is love. We do the work we do because of love and compassion for others.

My note this month is to each person that is giving of themselves unselfishly to show others that see them, hear them, and care about their well-being. Remember to stop along the way and extend yourself the very same grace, empathy, compassion, and love to yourself as you do to others. Occasionally, we lose sight of this in the frenzy of fulfilling grant deadlines, accommodating board members, and serving our constituents. You can only fully give when your cup is full. Therefore, decide today what you will do to love on yourself? Perhaps you will stop working at the same time each evening, or maybe you will do a vacay or staycation once a month or once or twice per quarter. Whatever gives you time and attention to take care of yourself, pause right now and create a precise plan for how this will look for you.

This month’s cover story is a follow-up to a post about Chick-fil-a’s True Inspiration Awards. They spread $5M of love to 34 nonprofits across the country. The application season for next year’s awards opens next month. Take a look at the winners and start pulling together your application. You could be next!

With Love in February and Always,