Nonprofits Partner to Help Displaced Tenants

The collaboration of nonprofits proves once again that impact is exponentially increased when organizations partner to help a cause; such as in the case of a Georgia hotel. Nonprofit organizations stepped up to assist almost 30 families who found themselves in a challenging situation when they received a mere one-day notice about the renovations taking place at the Howard Johnson Hotel. These families had been residing at the hotel for an extended period before being asked to vacate last Monday.

In response to this urgent situation, Hearts to Nourish Hope Inc., led by Deborah Anglin, and Ujima Way Inc., led by Darryll Starks, immediately sprang into action, tirelessly working to find suitable alternative accommodations for the affected families.

Anglin emphasized the approach taken by their organization, stating, “Our approach is focused on addressing the root cause and delving into the core of the issue rather than providing temporary solutions.” She was referring to the long-lasting impact their community work aims to achieve.

“Based on our understanding, the hotel initially had an approved renovation plan in place. However, due to unforeseen changes during the renovation process, they were unable to implement a partial shutdown while remaining operational.”

Deborah Anglin

Upon learning about the unexpected change on Saturday, Anglin and Starks wasted no time and immediately sprung into action to devise an alternative plan.

Anglin recounted, “I received a weekend phone call, and without delay, I reached out to Darryll, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. Although devising a comprehensive plan over the weekend presented its challenges, we dedicated ourselves to the task, starting on Sunday and continuing through Monday. Our primary objective was to find a suitable location that catered to the specific needs of each family. Remarkably, by Tuesday, we had successfully ironed out all the details.”

They further elaborated that securing funding and undertaking the necessary groundwork were crucial behind-the-scenes tasks.

“The process involves numerous intricate elements,” Anglin explained. “Nothing happens overnight, especially on weekends when managers and owners are typically unavailable. We had to meticulously navigate through various channels, ensuring all the necessary pieces fell into place.”

l to r. Deborah Anglin, Hearts to Nourish Help; and Daryll Starks Ujima Way

The nonprofit organizations specialize in assisting individuals facing chronic homelessness and other vulnerable populations by facilitating their transition to more secure housing and providing additional support services.

Their ultimate goal is to help families secure long-term, safe, and stable homes.

Starks shared the logistical efforts they undertook to ensure the smooth relocation process: “To transport everyone to their respective destinations, we utilized various means, including a van, Uber XLs, and even a U-Haul generously provided by a hotel staff member who was also affected by the displacement, as they both worked and resided there. Working tirelessly for over four hours on the following Tuesday, we successfully transported everyone to their new accommodations.”

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