Need to Feed Making a REAL Impact in Dallas


 Need To Feed Corp was birthed by the life experiences, prayers of Amir Johnson. He has a passion for helping people who feel invisible, unloved, and undeserving. Need to Feed not only feeds the homeless hot meals and nonperishable food items; they supply the homeless and transitioning homeless with things they need to help them sustain themselves. Renewing spirits and showing genuine love is their goal. Need to feed corp has given inspiration to people, seeking a way off of the streets.

Need To Feed Corp has made it their mission to not only feed the homeless and provide essentials for survival but to restore hope, show genuine love and support to the homeless community in every way they can. partnering with the city, and a shelter (The bridge) to get housing, Furnishing their residence, and giving these people the opportunity to help give back after transitioning. Need To Feed Corp is always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the needs of the community and raise awareness to end this epidemic.

We are known for our genuine smiles and warm disposition. We are proud of the mindset we have, proud of our willingness to help without reward. What sets Need To Feed apart is our dedication, consistency, and the extent we go to ensure we are constantly meeting the needs of the people we serve.

Need to Feed….Doing the REAL work…

To learn more about Need to Feed or how you can get involved with their mission, visit their website Need to Feed and follow them on their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. $Needtofeed to make a donation and help make a difference.

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