Hello, new friends. Welcome to the inaugural issue of Leaders In Nonprofit: The Magazine. To say that I am excited to be writing to you for the first time would be an understatement of monumental proportions. But inaugural editor’s notes are always treacherous to write. So how do I encompass all the hopes and plans I have for your new publication? I will simply begin by sharing my inspiration for creating this magazine. 

With over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with roles varying from program coordinator of a small nonprofit to a regional director of a global nonprofit, I have seen the transformation that can occur in communities when missions and visions are supported with resources and work. Yet, as I travel throughout the country,  my heart sinks for the many communities and populations that are still in need, especially when the resources are not in their area. I am often labeled a strategic visionary. And in that vein, you will hear me refer to models of impact quite frequently. Hence, the inspiration for creating a magazine that illustrates individuals and organizations that are executing models of impact. Their missions and visions are supported with resources  (although sometimes minimal) and work (which typically includes heart and grit) to transform communities in ways that I hope will inspire readers to emulate their “Model of Impact.”

Before I share more about what you can expect from The Magazine, I want to touch on an important consideration I ask you to keep in mind. It’s the premise upon which we named our publication; the definition of a leader. We define and view leaders as someone who works to make a difference. They see a vision and take action regardless of their position. Whether it is the front desk person answering the telephone calls of funders and stakeholders alike, or the development associate reaching out to donors, or perhaps the compliance officer, it is not simply the title that defines a leader but the commitment demonstrated by each team member. These are the people that will be featured within the pages of Leaders In Nonprofit: The Magazine.

“…it’s not simply the title that defines a leader, but the commitment demonstrated by each team member.”

Leaders In Nonprofit: The Magazine is a digital magazine that will include curated and original articles, stories, and experiences of leaders making an impact. While we will bring you new cover stories each month, we will also update the magazine throughout the month to keep you in the loop. So check in often as The Magazine will also include helpful information and resources such as grant announcements, introduction to funders, and tips and tools for your nonprofit’s overall success.  We’re starting with a small but mighty team. We aren’t perfect, but we will humbly correct any mistake. Just know that our heart is in the right place. We also want you to know that we’re all about being an interactive community. If you have an idea for a story, share it with us. If you have a story that you would like to write, reach out. That said, we ask that you please share our magazine with all of your like-minded friends and colleagues. Be sure to subscribe, as this is the beginning of a much larger vision.  I truly hope you enjoy the inaugural issue—and that you’ll return again and again. 

In His Service,