I Said What I Said: An Anthology of Black Women in Nonprofit

The Black Women in Nonprofit Leadership Cohort

“I Said What I Said” is a story of black women thriving in spite of a society dominated by negative views of Black women leaders and future leaders. It is the flambeau that sheds light on one fundamental question: Why can’t you just value what I bring to the table? And it is the path that leads to a better and more inclusive life for Black women leaders.

As a white non-profit executive director, this book should be required reading. After reading just 1 of the short stories (Yaya’s amazing narrative), I had 3 actionable changes I wanted to make in my organization that day. All quality MPA programs must include this in their curriculum.

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25 women with 25 different backgrounds share their journey of leading in the nonprofit sector and amplifying their voices as they lead. Escaping the harsh realities instilled in their hearts, these women stepped forward to lead in the nonprofit sector, a space that while it values the wellbeing of others falls short of valuing the leadership of women of color. But instead of giving way to the menace of racism, these women reclaimed their passion.

Contributing Authors: Alana Pierre, Ashley McIver, Benaye Wadkins Chambers, Brenda J. Gomes, Caazena P. Hunter, Candace Barnes, Chris McSwain, Cynthia Thompson, Daneshe Williams-Bethune, Dominique S. McCain, Dr. Garica Sanford, Dr. Summer Rose, Hillary Evans, Jessica Armstead, Marjorie Murat, Melanie Calhoun, Nichelle Bennett, Severina Ware, CVA, Shane Woods, Shawana O. Carter, Stephanie Epps, Tamika Sanders, Taylor Hall, Tina L. Robertson, and Yasmine “YaYa” Lockett.


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