Invitation to Impact: Lighting the Path to Community Transformation

Wendy Steele’s vision for Impact100 is forward-thinking, compelling, and empowering. She tapped into the psyche of women at all levels of society and identified barriers to their participation in philanthropy. Her solution, Impact100, thoughtfully eliminates barriers and unlocks the joy and empowerment of giving for hundreds of women around the globe. This demonstrates Wendy’s talent, instinct, and her passion for helping others, all of which is illustrated beautifully throughout her book.

One part memoir, one part how-to-guide, and one part call to action, this book thoroughly delights, educates, and inspires.

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What if you and just a handful of other dedicated, generous women could affect powerful change? That’s the question Wendy H. Steele set out to answer when she founded Impact100, one of today’s most significant grassroots organizations. In Invitation to Impact, she shares her story of creating a unique, successful giving model, as well as the stories of the amazing women who helped to make it grow, empowering you to spark change in your own community.

From Impact100’s launch to its global spread, you will follow Wendy on her path to challenging the status quo of and democratizing women’s roles in philanthropy. By illustrating how small sacrifices, when shouldered collectively, can lead to big outcomes, Wendy reveals that every person can take action to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems despite their financial or time constraints.

Between Wendy’s life story, inspirational anecdotes from regional Impact100 chapters, and current research on philanthropy patterns, Invitation to Impact demonstrates that women have an incredible capacity to transform this world for the better.


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