The CEO and the Board: The Art of Nonprofit Governance as a Competitive Advantage

Dr. Senske’s rich and provocative insights into non-profit governance best practices is a must-read for board chairs, members, and CEOs. This book moves at a fast, satisfying pace, and provides scores of questions and topics that help heighten the individual and collective self-awareness of board members. Good stewardship suggests that every board and CEO collaboratively read and explore Dr. Senske’s work as part of a self-evaluation and improvement initiative. Repeating this process every few years and using the book as a reference when governance issues and opportunities arise will help us lead our non-profits to outcomes that best serve our communities and stakeholders. They deserve nothing less.

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Over the past several years, business leadership has become more complex and challenging than ever. Along with professional and personality clashes, businesses are facing heightened competition, tighter margins, competition for talented employees, the explosion of technology, and the impact of a global pandemic. In the Church, Christian leaders use their gifts and talents to help spread the Gospel. In the rest of the world, they use their talents given to them to efficiently lead their organizations and institutions.

The CEO and the Board: The Art of Nonprofit Governance as a Competitive Advantage shares the good news that it is possible for boards and senior leadership teams to recraft the governance process to better serve their organizational mission. The author, Dr. Kurt Senske, who served as CEO of Lutheran Social Services of the South for 23 years and has served on 11 boards of directors, offers the results of his own research and experience, to help CEOs and their boards openly examine and adapt its governance model to create a competitive advantage designed to drive organizational missional success



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