Malcolm Mitchell – Share the Magic Foundation

The Share the Magic Foundation, a nonprofit organization, is committed to promoting literacy among children through various initiatives. Since 2016, the foundation has been devoted to transforming the lives of young individuals by providing free virtual reading challenges, organizing impactful school events, and fostering book ownership to inspire a love for reading.

Through In-School, Virtual, and Community Partner Programs, the foundation ignites a passion for reading in thousands of children. Malcolm recognizes that children who struggle with reading often face obstacles such as dropping out of school, living in poverty, and ending up in the criminal justice system. Malcolm Mitchell, who faced similar challenges during his upbringing, turned his life around through reading and even went on to win a Super Bowl.

The mission of Share the Magic Foundation is to inspire kids to read to a better future by empowering educators with free, engaging virtual reading challenges, inspiring students through impactful in-school programs, and introducing book ownership. Malcolm’s foundation accomplishes that by creating access to age-appropriate books, inspiring reading through fun games and challenges, and enhancing reading skills.

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