Are You Ready for 2021 Giving Days?

It’s the season for one of the most important fundraising days of the year. While your state may have already held a Giving Day, you have one more big day to raise money before the end of the year. GivingTuesday will be held on November 30th this year. And yes, you definitely want to position your organization for a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. Last year’s GivingTuesday saw $2.47 billion of donations given generously to nonprofits.

We’ve curated many of the great guides that have been produced over the years and compiled them to give you a great start to prepare your nonprofit for success. Get ready to make the most of the fundraising potential of each Giving Day with these tips, tools, and resources.

While running your Giving Tuesday campaign, you want to reach the widest potential audience and motivate them to act. Creating a social presence that boosts your visibility is the best way to engage current supporters and casual followers and also acquire new donors. Here are guides that focus on social media and communication tools.

GiveGab, one of the most widely used platforms for giving day has compiled three interactive workbooks that meet you where you are in preparing for your upcoming Giving Day. Each one gives you a fillable chart to help you navigate through the entire process. Download your preference below.

Lastly, who doesn’t like a playbook? The guides below showcase their Giving Day playbooks. Plus we added one more to covers how to establish a relationship with donors long after giving day has ended.

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